In APOLLO RESORT in Aegina, by the sea, we are offering a discharging WORKSHOP for rejuvenation and deep relaxation for everybody.

We will explore and practice in special breathing exercises to revitalize our Life Energy (Qi gong, DO IN massage).

We will apply natural care for Face and Body to improve our skin and we will work in pairs for learning and understanding all special tecniques of discharging the tension from the bodymind system by using reflective points on the body.

We will sense the joy of caring ourselves in nature and we find the mindfullness that brings our Presence with our Light Body by meditation and work with the 5 Elements power and ancient East Medicine Theory.

We will learn how to connect with our own personal rhythm and how to integrate this understanding in our everyday life by using specific meditative techniques.

  • Travel through the power of the 5 elements – 5 phases
  • Exploring the Breath for health and wellness
  • Facial Yoga- Meditation – Sound therapy
  • Special exercises, Body movement, facial and body care


As our workshop will be next to the sea, we have the opportunity to work in nature. We will support our work with the watery element of the root of our lives (ESSENCE) and explore our connection to the earth. Giving time and space into our experience, we will allow to be manifested through aspects of ourselves.


Friday 16/6

  • 17.00-20.00: Workout for discharging, introducing the exploration of five phases with soft breathing exercises

Saturday 17/6

  • 07.00 – 07.30πμ: Qi Gong (optional)
  • 07.30 – 10.30πμ: free program
  • 10.30- 13.00μμ: Facial Yoga, Beauty special tecniques with natural elements for rejuvenating the epidermis, Therapeutical Exercises, Εxchange in pairs
  • 16.30-19.30μμ: Qi Gong (exercises to balance the energy flow), Exploring the 5 elements into the Nature LIGHT BODY meditation, Soundtherapy

Sunday 18/6

  • 07.00-07.30πμ: Qi Gong (optional)
  • 07.30-10.00πμ: free program
  • 10.00πμ-12.00: Learn simple techniques for neck and upper back special harmonization exercises for the whole body
  • 12.00-13.00μμ: Closing the workshop with interactive game for all participants
Coordinator Antigoni Tsengeli
Special Aesthetic Applications, Shiatsu practitioner, Physical Activities for Health and Wellness, Agatsou Teacher

The cost is:

  • 25 euros for 3 hours. 20% discount for more than one seminars

Accomodation @Apolloresort Aegina – www.apollohotel.gr

  • 25 € sharing a double room (including breakfast)
  • 40€ single room with view to the garden, +10 € with view to the sea

Τhe workshop is for everyone who would like to spend 2 days to relax, to rebalance the body energy and to learn simple healing tecniques for self care and friends.

Something more…
While you watch the Retreat, if you are parents, your children can participate in psychosocial development workshops designed especially for children. These are activities that our little friends (from 5-11 years old) enjoy very well, through the game, they get supplies so that they are able – amongst others – to feel good about themselves, to express their feelings, work together harmoniously, to assume their responsibilities and the most important to be happy!

The workshops conducted by a specially trained Educator Angelica Tsiakoumi.
Cost 15 euros for every 3 hours. The same discount applies.

Because places are limited you need to contact us and book your participation until 20 May.
For more information and registration:

  • crystalanti@gmail.com – tel. 6972835105
  • tsiakoumi@hotmail.com – tel. 6972664962 (for children)